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Comprehensive web traffic analysis can show you what you’re doing right and where your website falls short. You can then adjust your strategy to achieve optimal results.

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Isolate Game Changing Data

Regularly analyzing your website traffic can highlight who is using your website, what they’re looking for, and how they’re getting there. For example, you might find that 25% of your traffic comes from women ages 30-40. Or that 30% comes from Facebooks links. You can also determine the pages where people leave immediately (bounce), and pages where you’ve succeeding in holding their attention. Once you have identified who is interested in what, you can…

Adjust Your Strategy

Your business efforts will serve a more defined purpose. Your resources can be better allocated to what works. Knowing your key users, and understanding the products and/or information they are looking for, will help you determine the most profitable areas of your business. Underperforming areas can be highlighted and fixed. Marketing campaigns, content development, and product emphases can be tailored towards your target audience, further enhancing the user experience.

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