The Reason The Internet Is Still Safe

TSL, commonly referred to as SSL, allows us to send our information safely across the Internet. The importance of this should not be overlooked.

Flat image depiction of a laptop, with a focus on the browser address bar, highlighting the importance SSL has on user privacy.
Without an SSL certificate, anyone can access the information you send to and from your computer. This includes details such as credit card numbers, passwords, personal data, and so on. Implementing an authenticated SSL certificate encrypts the information so that only the intended user is able to view the unencrypted version of the contents sent.

Trust Is A Must.

Websites designed to send and/or receive sensitive information should have an SSL certificate. If you accept, or plan to accept credit card transactions, it is a requirement. When customers identify that you have taken the steps necessary to protect their personal information, a level of trust is obtained. Therefore, they will be far more likely to establish a relationship, and execute business transactions with your company.

A Closer Look At How It Works.

When an online purchase is made, the information is passed by several computers or servers before it reaches the correct web server hosting the intended website. During this travel, anyone can access the details of the transaction. If the website has an adequate SSL certificate, these details would look like complete and utter gibberish to an outside audience. How? Encryption takes place once the transaction is complete, transforming the once readable data into unreadable nonsense. Only once it has reached the correct destination can the details be transformed back.

Getting Certified

There are many SSL providers and various types of SSL certificates available. The costs and resources required to run the software varies enormously. If you’re unsure where to start, we can help you determine the best certificate for your website, make sure it is purchased from a trusted provider, and properly install the software on your web server.

Let’s implement adequate security measures.

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