How Does Your Website Look On A Cell Phone?

Mobile devices have changed the way we view the Internet. With responsive design, your website adapts to these different devices, substantially improving the user experience.

Flat image depiction of a monitor, tablet, and phone. Signifying the importance of designing for all media devices

Why care? We currently tap into the Internet more using mobile devices than traditional desktop and laptop methods. Meaning that a typical website is viewed more on a cell phone or tablet than on a computer. THAT’S why it’s so important your website includes responsive design.

In our opinion, all websites should be developed with responsive capabilities, no questions asked. It can adjust the layout, navigation, and readability of your site contents, making it easier for viewers to find and see information on your website. The result is an enhanced user experience, and an overall happier customer.

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Orange backgrounded flat image depiction of a monitor working on creating a responsive layout

Responsive design is not just important for appearance purposes; it’s also become increasingly important for your search result ratings. This means that if someone were to search keywords from a mobile device, and your website did not have responsive capabilities, you would appear lower in the search results. With the massive increase in mobile Internet traffic, you can understand why responsive design is critical to your success.

Let us a take a look at your responsiveness.

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