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Our process summarizes the phases followed during web development. Every company is unique, so the time spent during each phase of the process will vary. Utilizing these project guidelines helps speed up production by keeping us focused and on task.

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Plan and Research

Times have changed, and the overall quality of your website should reflect that. People now recognize the difference between dysfunctional, unattractive websites, and well-designed and developed ones. Judgements are cast within the first few seconds of viewing a given web page. We’ll make sure when those judgements are made, they’re positive ones.

Design and Conceptualize

Layout, colour scheme, typography, graphics, space optimization and navigation, are all things that must be considered when designing an intricate website. Being able to envision the incorporation of your content and required website functionalities is critical. By utilizing mock-ups and illustrative templates, we will work with you to make sure your 100% satisfied with the proposed design before we proceed with development.

Develop and Test

This is where we make your vision a reality. First, we create a structure for all of the components established in the design and conceptualize phase. This maps out the back-end functionality requirements to optimize your website, including code validation and compatibility. From there we incorporate the overall theme and contents into the various pages, and ensure smooth navigation. During this time we invite you to view the progress and encourage your input and feedback.

Launch, Train and Maintain

We made it! Once we’ve thoroughly tested and ironed out the kinks, your site is ready to go live. You can choose to host your website with us, or we can provide you with an export of the final product. In either case, we offer to train staff members and/or maintain your website if requested. We’ll show you how to edit and create content, and how to manage the upkeep obligations.

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