Every Second Counts

You may be thinking that’s an exaggeration, but we can guarantee you it’s not. When it comes to the Internet, patience doesn’t need to be a virtue.

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What users expect in regards to website speed is astonishing. Customers no longer wait for a slow loading site because they simply don’t have to. We have the tools to make sure you’re fully up to speed.

A recent study concluded that a one second delay in page load time resulted in

All that in one second! And what’s worse, the users contributing to these statistics are likely telling their peers about the poor experience. Bad, bad, bad business.

Furthermore, Google and search engines alike actually factor in page load time when determining search engine rankings. Meaning the faster you are, the higher you appear. That being said, if you’ve got good SEO without a fast website, think of what you’re missing when people abandon your site due to slow load times. What a waste! Increasing load time is an investment you can’t afford to ignore.

The Benefits

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More Conversions

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Improved SEO Ranking

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Superior User Experience

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Reduced Site Abandonment

Let’s take a look at just how quick you are.

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