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First And Foremost - Create An Exceptional Strategy

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Whether you’re starting a new business, or looking to give your company an online storefront, a strong ecommerce strategy will be key to your success. Having your business logistics ironed out beforehand will save you countless future headaches, and give you the best shot at creating a thriving online business.

We aim to use our website design and development expertise to turn your company and product knowledge into a profitable, well oiled, ecommerce machine.

Design & Functionality

Your website must be appealing, of course, but it should also have the perfect flow. In order for the conversions to fly, your information layout must make sense, and be easily accessible by your customers. The steps required to perform a transaction must be seamless. Shipping, purchase terms and conditions, and promotions also have to be easy to find.

Marketing & Social Media

This is a critical area for ecommerce. A solid marketing plan, coupled with active social media engagement, will help drive users to your website. SEO will be a large part of your strategy, as most traffic will come from search engines. Consistent social media participation will allow you to build relationships, establish trust, and get your brand name out there.

Ideal Platform & CMS

The software you select will depend on the needs (both current and future) of your ecommerce business. Your technical abilities, business model and budget will weigh heavily in making this decision. Careful consideration of your needs will save you from having to go through the dreadful process of transferring to a different platform down the road.

SSL, Security & Privacy

SSL certificates ensure your customers’ information is safe (through encryption) while being sent to and from your website. People now identify which companies incorporate SSL and which don’t. For an ecommerce business, this security measure is a must, as it provides an unparalleled level of comfort for your shoppers. A privacy policy outlining how you safeguard customer data will also be imperative.


Every ecommerce company should be using analytical tools. By implementing and using these tools you can establish which products are working for your business and which aren’t. You can find patterns in your customer behaviour and utilize these details to enhance the user experience, or to pivot your business plan if need be. There are countless other benefits of aggressively using website analytics.

Optimized & Responsive

Slow, difficult to use websites are not tolerated by consumers anymore. This holds painfully true particularly when users are purchasing via mobile devices. To be successful, ecommerce websites have to be fast and easy to navigate. Having fast load times and a flawless responsive design is important to your customers, especially during the checkout process. It also has a significant impact on SEO.

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