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Our customization talent lets us give your users what they want. And providing that enhanced user experience means satisfied, repeat customers.

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We are able to custom code website features and/or functionalities. More than that, we can develop unique, non-CMS, brand integrated websites. Together, we will weigh the costs and benefits to find a customization solution that’s right for you.

A fully customized website can be a major competitive advantage for businesses. That being said, a customized website is not suitable for everyone. Many businesses can benefit by selecting a template and custom coding design and functionality items within that template. This is typically a quicker, much more cost-effective option for a lot of businesses. Because after all, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you’ve got a warehouse full of tires!

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The template option, however, is not always appropriate. If your website needs are unique, rely heavily on SEO, require strategic brand integration, and must be scalable, a customized website is likely the best option. There are reasons why companies like YouTube and Amazon have had the success they’ve had. They know what their users want and have perfected the user experience through flawless customization.

It is important to note however, that the cost and time associated with a customized website is much greater than that of a pre-developed software system. The reasons for this are extensive, but we want to be honest in disclosing that up front. So if these are major constraints of your website project, we will work within these limits to create the best possible website in keeping with your budget and timeline.

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